• EBNJ4G eel, European eel, river eel (Anguilla anguilla), on the ground, Germany

    A joint NGO proposal to EU Ministers regarding European eel

    On December 17th and 18th 2018 the EU Fisheries Council (AGRIFISH) will decide on fishing opportunities for 2019 and will address measures for critically endangered European eel. ICES has yet again repeated their advice that: “all anthropogenic impacts (e.g. caused by recreational and commercial fishing on all stages, hydropower, pumping

  • fångad ål

    WWF Sweden, SSNC and CCB call upon Swedish government to stop fishing for eels

    WWF Sweden, Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC) and Coalition Clean Baltic urges the Swedish government to ban eel fishing in the EU. The European eel is a critically endangered species with a dramatic stock size decline the past 30 years. As stated in ICES advice on 7th November 2018, “the

  • IMG_3114.CR2

    Urgent political will needed to halt European marine habitat neglect

    Environmental organisations call for real measures in areas protected on paper ClientEarth, Coalition Clean Baltic, Oceana, Seas at Risk and WWF warn that marine life across Europe is being harmed because member states are neglecting to actively manage marine protected areas. This puts at risk much of the biodiversity within

  • BJMX61 Cod Fishing with cage

    EU ministers fail to help the Baltic cod but helped the salmon

    Yesterday the EU ministers agreed to setting total allowable catches (TACs) for the main fish stocks in the Baltic Sea. Yet again, both Commission and Member States fail to understand the crisis for the cod and set a TAC at least 44% over scientific advice. In fact they even set

  • _MG_1303

    Joint NGO recommendations on Baltic Sea fishing opportunities for 2019

    In October 2018, EU fisheries ministers are scheduled to agree on fishing opportunities in the Baltic Sea for 2019. The following text outlines the joint NGO recommendations on Baltic Sea fishing opportunities for 2019 in the context of EU fisheries legislation, scientific advice on catch limits and the sharing of

  • Nord Stream 2 AG has confirmed presence of “additional” 4 redlisted plant species within the proposed route of its gas pipeline across Kurgalsky Nature Reserve, in the Leningrad Region of Russia

    In its official press-release from June 25, 2018 published only in Russian in Zug (Switzerland) and Saint Petersburg (Russia), the Nord Stream 2 AG, the developer of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline across the Baltic Sea, has confirmed presence of so called “additional” protected plant species within the proposed route

  • IMG_1248_MB

    CCB position on grey seals in the Baltic Sea

    The grey seal count for 2017 in the Baltic Sea was above 30 000 individuals. According to the IUCN, the counted animals are thought to be 60-80% of the total population, given that not all seals are on land during the count. Even before the Second World War, the size of

  • electric fishing - BLOOM

    CCB supports the joint call on the European anti-fraud office to open a formal investigation about electric fishing

    CCB has signed the joint formal request, lead by the Bloom Association, to the European Anti Freud Office (known as OLAF from the French “Office européen de lutte antifraude”) to conduct an investigation into whether fraud has occurred in relation to the Dutch electric trawl fishery. Electric fishing is one of

  • CCB position on the Sweden approval for the Nord Stream II

    On 7 June 2018, the Swedish Government has granted a permit to the Nord Stream 2 AG for laying two natural gas pipelines on the continental shelf within the Swedish economic zone in the Baltic Sea. The permit contains number of conditions that the company has to comply with, as

  • fishing-425342_640

    Baltic Sea still blighted by illegal discarding and overfishing

    Our Fish and CCB Press release: One-half cut in quota for eastern Baltic cod proposed Western Baltic cod under safe biological limits and illegal discarding of undersize fish doubled Western spring spawning herring catch should be zero Up to 100% of undersized plaice being discarded Copenhagen, 31 May 2018:- Responding

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    CCB is looking for a new Financial/Administrative Officer

    We are currently searching for a new colleague to join the team at the CCB International Secretariat as Financial Manager/Controller and Administrative Officer. Being an international organization CCB’s work is carried out in English and we expect you to submit your application accordingly. As a primary task, being the Financial

  • Copertina

    New impulse for the CCB work in 2018-2019

    The CCB Board Meeting (19-20/04), the Annual Conference (20-21/04) and the General Meeting (22/04) were held in Zelenogradsk (Kaliningrad region), Russia. The theme of the 2018 Annual Conference was #IamtheBaltic, with focus on personal responsibility and inputs to the protection of the Baltic Sea. Agenda of the event consisted of:

  • CPXY28 Lithuania (Baltic States) Klaipeda County Curonian Spit national park sand dune of Parnidis listed as World Heritage by UNESCO

    Call to action for the EU countries: 3 steps to restore our seas by 2020

    Despite the EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD, 2008), most EU countries are a long way off in achieving their targets to protect and restore our seas to healthy status by 2020. The lack of progress is still in many areas such as overfishing, land-made pollution (plastics and contaminants) and

  • WP_20150803_001

    The turning point for saving the Baltic Sea is now

    The action plan linked to the ecosystem approach which the Helsinki convention (HELCOM) agreed upon in 2007 is at risk. The progress of the Baltic Sea Action Plan (BSAP) has slowed down and most of the problems that were identified 40 years ago are still there. The CCB network of

  • IMG_0529

    Recreational fishing in Baltic region

    Recreational fishing is a very large sector in the Baltic region to consider both from a value point of view as well as potential impacts. Around 10 percent of the population in the catchment enjoy spending time at or on the water and these citizens are important stakeholders and bearers

  • Do not believe Nord Stream 2: help us saving Kurgalskiy Peninsula!

    On 6 February 2018, Nord Stream 2 AG will be hosting in Geneva a Round Table on the Biodiversity Conservation Strategy for the Kurgalsky Nature Reserve. Why in Geneva? Apparently, because the company wants to impress the Secretariat of the Convention  on Wetlands of International Importance especially as waterfowl habitat (Ramsar Convention)

  • IMG_0585

    CCB looking for Communications officer

    Coalition Clean Baltic is now looking for a Communications officer to fill a new full time position from the beginning of April 2018. We are currently updating our communication profile, including outreach channels and visual appearance, and aiming to enhance the quality of our communication efforts. In this context we

  • Public Environmental Assessment of the Nord Stream 2: the project should not be given permission for implementation due to numerous deficiencies and noncompliance with the law

    On Monday, 15 January 2018, the results and conclusions of the Public Environmental Assessment, an independent expert review of the project documentation, including the Environmental Impact Assessment and mitigation measures, were presented at the press-conference in St. Petersburg, Russia. Public Environmental Assessment was initiated and performed in accordance with Russian

  • 20 NGOs call upon EU ministers to explain what they will do to protect the eel

    The eel is critically endangered. The EU Commission has proposed to ban EU marine catches of adult eels to increase possibilities for more mature fish to reach the spawning grounds in Sargasso sea. In a joint letter, 20 NGOs now ask the EU fishery ministers what they will do in

  • Europe’s Declaration on Pharmaceuticals in the Environment

    20 Organisations sign declaration expressing serious concern about pharmaceuticals in the environment in the EU 17th November 2017 Brussels A group of twenty organisations – lead by Health Care Without Harm (HCWH) Europe – today sent a Declaration to European Commissioner for Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Karmenu Vella, expressing

  • eel

    CCB welcomes EU Commission proposal to ban fishing for eel in the Baltic Sea

    The European Eel is a critically endangered fish species with a dramatic stock size decline the past 30 years.  Conservation efforts have so far failed to deliver and scientific experts have repeatedly called for drastic management measures. Today the EU Commission presented a proposal to ban all fishing for eel

  • Learn more on Marine Litter and Microplastic Pollution

    Want to know more about Marine Litter and Microplastic Pollution of our seas, rivers and lakes? Take your chance and enroll to the #PlasticFreeBaltic online course on Marine Litter and Microplastic Pollution – first course of its kind in the #BalticSeaRegion! 7 thematic modules Certificate after successful completion From 1 September till 15 November

  • CCB requires that EIA on Nord Stream 2 Project addresses holistic and cumulative impacts on the Baltic Sea ecosystem

    CCB follows public hearings on Environmental Impact Assessment of the proposed Nord Stream 2 Project in transboundary context within the frame of Espoo Convention. Today, on 21 July, the hearings are held in Stralsund, Germany, following 4 days of national EIA hearings held under the German law. Our main point

  • CCB, WWF and Oceana call the EC to take into account environmental requirements in negotiations with Russia on the Nord Stream II project

    On Friday, 9 June 2017, WWF European Policy Office, WWF Baltic Ecoregion Programme, OCEANA Europe and the Coalition Clean Baltic (CCB), have jointly submitted a letter to Commissioner Miguel Arias Cañete (DG ENER / DG CLIMA) and Commissioner Karmenu Vella (DG ENV / DG MARE), expressing our concerns with the proposed Nord Stream II

  • Save Kurgalskiy from Nord Stream II – sign the petition!

    Sign the petition to protect Kurgalskiy Peninsula and Nature Reserve that are under severe threat by the development plans of the Nord Stream II gas pipeline. The Kurgalskiy Nature Reserve, being established in 2000, is included in the network of HELCOM Baltic Sea Marine Protected Areas and RAMSAR Convention list

  • 2017 CCB Annual video contest

    A video contest with competition contributions from our member organizations and partners was held during 2017 CCB Annual Conference. The prize for 2017 CCB video contest was awarded to the Crayfish story by the Green Federation GAJA from Poland. The content of the videos should have been anything related to

  • 112 orgs ban subsidies

    CCB joins over 100 organisations in call to uphold ban on subsidies for fishing vessels

    CCB and over 100 organisations across the EU ask all members of European parliament endorse the Fisheries Committee’s vote from March this year and express support for the 2014 Parliament position that maintained the ban on subsidies for the construction of new fishing vessels. A ban that has existed in

  • FAA679 Sunset at Baltic Sea, Pomerania, Poland

    Nord Stream 2 considers route through nature reserve optimal

    The Russian Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology has provided its European counterparts with the report on Environmental Impact Assessment of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. The document favours the option for routeing the gas pipeline through the unique Kurgalsky natural reserve. The  main route of the Nord Stream 2

  • R. Jönsson

    Wetlands dramatically reduce micro plastic

    A new CCB study concludes that both waste water after treatments plants and storm water contains micro plastic particles. Testing the same water after it has passed through a constructed wetland show that considerable amounts are trapped in the wetland, regardless if the initial amounts were high or low. The

  • NGOs urge EU Parliament to remain firm against fisheries subsidies

    CCB together with more than 100 European Organisations call upon MEPs to support the 2014 Parliament position that maintained the ban on subsidies for the construction of new fishing vessels, which has existed in the EU since 2004. Reintroducing the opportunity to use subsidies for new fisheries vessel would undermine

  • 2017-01-01 10.13.23-1

    Baltic-wide actions needed to reach SDG targets

    Today, high-level representatives of the HELCOM Contracting Parties will meet in Helsinki to discuss regional Baltic Sea contribution to conservation and sustainable use of the seas and marine resources by 2030. Actions related to eutrophication, marine litter and climate change will be given special focus in the discussion. On behalf


    NGOs demand closure of western Baltic flatfish and cod bycatch fishery

    On Wednesday, in a letter to the European Commissioner for Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Mr Karmenu Vella, eight environmental NGOs request a closure of the western Baltic flatfish and cod bycatch fishery. The fishery for flatfish in the western Baltic was recently opened during the spawning season closure for

  • IMG_1744_w_credits

    Sweden designates large Natura 2000 area for the Baltic Sea harbour porpoise

    As an early Christmas present to the harbour porpoises of the Baltic Sea, the Swedish government recently announced that a large Natura 2000 site will be designated for harbour porpoises in the Baltic Proper. With more than 1 million hectares this is the largest marine area ever proposed by Sweden

  • pir_hav_snö

    The Swedish government is looking to reduce plastic in the Sea

    During 2017, the Swedish Chemicals Agency (KEMI) will investigate if more cosmetic products should be included in a ban on plastic microparticles. KEMI has previously suggested a ban on plastic microparticles in cosmetic products that are rinsed off, such as shower creams and toothpaste. Now, the government asks the Agency

  • strand_hav_snö

    Denmark stands alone in defiance against Baltic Sea marine protection agreement

          PRESS RELEASE: Stockholm and Helsinki 19 December 2016 Denmark threatened to effectively stop progress on a key Baltic Sea regional initiative during the HELCOM Head of Delegation meeting which took place on 14-15 December in Helsinki. This process, prioritized by the EU who is currently chairing HELCOM

  • IMG_2212

    CCB and MIO-ECDE join forces to promote marine litter monitoring in the Baltic Sea

    Some 18 NGO representatives from 8 countries, namely Belarus, Estonia, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia and Sweden, were brought together in a two-day workshop on marine litter monitoring. The workshop was organized from 2-3 November 2016 in Gdansk (Poland) by the Coalition Clean Baltic in collaboration with the Polish Ecological

  • Joint NGO position on Baltic Sea internal loading

    Baltic environmental NGOs, represented by Coalition Clean Baltic network consisting of 18 grass-root organizations from 11 countries in the Baltic Sea catchment and the WWF Baltic Ecoregion Programme forwarded for consideration of HELCOM Contracting Parties a joint statement regarding the issue of internal load in the Baltic Sea. Some of


    “Our Common Baltic” Summer Course successfully completed

    The CCB Summer Course Our Common Baltic took place at Hel Marine Station in Poland in July 2016. 17 participants from eight countries participated and contributed greatly to making the course very successful. You can read more here.

  • The New Baltic Fisheries Management plan is now EU Law

    On July 20th, the new fisheries management plan for sprat, herring and cod became active EU law and thereby removed the old cod plan and amending the existing Technical regulation from 2005. CCB has been engaged in this new management plan from the start, even before the initial proposal was

  • Urgent action needed for Lithuanian rivers

    A proposal to amend the Lithuanian Water Act and Law of Protected areas threatens two of the last rivers in Europe with open fish migratory pathways, Nemunas and Neris, home to populations of wild salmon, trout and sturgeon as well as the endangered European eel. In 2004, the Lithuanian Parliament

  • CCB General Meeting

    CCB held its biannual general meeting in Lviv, Ukraine on 20th-22nd of May 2016. A work plan for coming years was agreed upon and a new CCB board was elected. CCB also got two new members accepted at the general meeting, one from Latvia and one from Belarus. See CCBs

  • Western cod stock crisis

    ICES released the latest catch advice for Baltic fish stocks on May 31st. There are several worrying signs but by far the most dramatic is the situation for the western cod stock in areas west of Bornholm. ICES is advising to reduce commercial catches by  89% compared to last years

  • eel

    CCB letter to Commisioner Vella about eel

    In April 2016 CCB sent a letter to the Commission pointing to the illegal catches of eel but also questioning the legal fishery on an endangered species and if the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) goal of fishing at MSY applies to eel. CCB has gotten a response from the Commission explaining

  • Ministers: uphold your responsibilities on marine protection

    CCB has joined a group of NGOs  (Greenpeace, Oceana, WWF, Swedish and Danish Societies for Nature conservation, Swedish and Danish Anglers Associations, Living Sea and Fisheries Secretariat) and written an open letter to the ministers in Denmark and Sweden asking them to uphold the existing closed areas in the Kattegatt.

  • Source: HELCOM, photo by Samuli Korpinen

    EU auditors call for further and more effective action on Baltic Sea eutrophication

    A report from the European Court of Auditors evaluating the work on combatting eutrophication in the Baltic Sea states that actions and funding so far has had limited effects and that further and more effective action is needed. The auditors found that Member States’ plans lack ambition and appropriate indicators.

  • Multiannual plan for Baltic Fish stocks concluded

    The 15th of March, European Parliament, the Council and the Commission finally agreed on a new management plan for the main commercial fish stocks in the Baltic Sea. CCB and many other NGOs have worked hard to present our views on what is needed to safeguard the stocks in the

  • CCB team took part in HELCOM Stakeholder Conference on Marine Litter

    HELCOM invited a wide array of stakeholders to announce – or reiterate – their commitment for combating marine litter in the Baltic Sea under recently adopted Regional Action Plan on Marine Litter at a Stakeholder Conference, held on 9 March 2016 back-to-back with HELCOM 37-2016. Key focus of the Conference was to strengthen and broaden

  • Press release from Green World, Russian NGO

    Press release Sosnovy Bor – St. Petersburg, Russia, December 2, 2015 Non-governmental non-profit environmental charitable organisation, member of the Coalition Clean Baltic, member of the International NGOs Decommissioning Network Registered in the Justice Department of Leningrad Oblast January 31,1997, registration number 605, P.O. Box 68/7, Sosnovy Bor 188544, Leningrad Oblast,

  • CCB Climate Change report feat img seal

    PRESS RELEASE: Global temperature increases: an alarming scenario for the Baltic Sea

    1 December 2015, Uppsala, Sweden Global temperature increases: an alarming scenario for the Baltic Sea Prior to the opening of the 2015 UN Conference on Climate Change, Coalition Clean Baltic (CCB) calls for immediate climate change mitigation and adaptation measures in the Baltic Sea Region, based on the findings of

  • RAS indoor

    International Seminar on Land Based Aquaculture Systems

    Last week, on 11-12th of November, in cooperation, Coalition Clean Baltic (CCB), Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC), the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management and the Swedish Board of Agriculture hosted an international seminar on Land-Based Aquaculture and best available technologies (BAT) in Stockholm. Moderators were Ellen Bruno